The War of the Job Posting Sites

Making professional staffing and recruiting agencies more relevant than ever before. 

Until recently, one site dominated the online job board market. Despite this dominance, online job seekers had to swim through the fast-paced, confusing current of job openings, crossing their fingers that they would find an opportunity that was a good fit. At the same time, hiring managers knew that the sea of applicants was full of potentially unqualified fish. Both jumped in feet first, hoping to find that perfect catch. 

If things weren’t already difficult enough for the job seeker and hiring managers, things got much more confusing when the dominance of this particular site disappeared. The company operating this site opted to suddenly and drastically increase prices. As a result, companies abandoned that site which is resulting in a multitude of alternatives entering the market. The result is an increase in competitive alternatives such as ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder, Google for Jobs, Facebook Jobs, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Dice, etc.  

While these sites fight for dominance of the marketplace, hiring managers are left wondering where to post their openings. No one site can come close to declaring the best market presence. Many of these sites require a contract. One thing most of these sites do have in common is their expensive pay-per-click fees. This means that an employer advertising a job is charged each and every time someone clicks on their post. It doesn’t matter if the clicker is a valid candidate, has the required qualifications, or if they even apply at all.     

This new world of isolated job postings spread across a wide variety of sites is also leaving job seekers confused and frustrated. They don’t have the time to visit a dozen different sites to search for jobs- not to mention taking the time to create an individual account for each site. One job seeker compared searching and applying for jobs to shopping for clothes at a bunch of random, scattered stores that carry only one or two types of clothing.  

The end result is an increase of hiring managers and job seekers reaching out to us for guidance and clarity. Staffing firms such as ours have become the centralized hub for hiring managers and job seekers.  Hiring managers appreciate the straightforward pricing that only applies if they hire a candidate that we represent. They save time and money by relying on us to identify, screen, and present only the most qualified candidates (many of which aren’t even applying online). Job seekers appreciate our service free of charge and, once we become their intermediary, they can devote the time they’ve saved to their current job, family, friends, and hobbies while we seek out opportunities on their behalf. Because we represent the bulk of reputable job openings in the market, both on and offline, we are able to match the best candidates to the best jobs, saving time and hassle on both sides.To partner with professional staffing and job placement services that are second to none in the OKC market, contact us today at (405) 455-2633