How OKC’s low unemployment rate may benefit your job search

With Oklahoma City’s low unemployment rate near 3.0 percent, it’s a job seeker’s market! With fewer people out looking for work, job seekers have more job opportunities to choose from. Also, with so many opportunities, it’s a great time for the now employed to move up and apply for better jobs. 

On the other side of the coin, the tight labor market requires employers to go the extra mile to hire the best talent. As such, we’re seeing employers increase their compensation packages in the form of additional PTO, more flexible work schedules, increased benefits coverage, and in some cases increased salaries.

All of this sounds good for the job seeker, but the job seeker will have to do his or her part.  Here’s what to expect:

Thorough Resume Reviews

Managers are increasingly valuing their time, so the resume screening process is playing a more critical role in the hiring process. As such, resumes need to be detailed, especially for the most recent 3-5 years of work experience. Create a resume that is eye-catching, so it stands out in the sea of applicants. Use professional, descriptive words, being as detailed as possible while curating the resume towards the job you are applying for.

Team Hiring

Expect more rounds of interviews.  Managers are increasingly empowering their teams.  As a result, they are allowing more of their team members to weigh-in on who will make the best addition to the team and the company. This also means be courteous to everyone you encounter while out on an interview, including the receptionist!

Importance of References from Previous Employers

 Turnover is very costly to employers, especially when it comes to time spent training a new employee. Employers want to ensure that they are hiring someone dependable and capable. They are looking for assurance from previous employers. That is why it is critical to continue doing a good job for any employer until the second you walk out of the door. Be ready to provide management, supervisory or owner references from recent employers.

Drug Testing

With the recent legalization of medical marijuana, we have seen a spike in selected candidates failing their drug tests. In almost all these cases we have seen employers retract the offer. We advise all employers and job seekers to seek their own legal advice, but it is our understanding as of the time of this blog that employers can legally enforce corporate policies that prohibit their employees from marijuana use, regardless of medical necessity – plan accordingly if you will be seeking a new job!      

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