Matching Local Talent with New Opportunities

We fuse the employer, employee, and our staffing team into one mutually beneficial relationship.

The Power of 3

Fuse3 Solutions is proud to be the fastest growing staffing agency in Oklahoma (Inc. 5000) and the largest, locally-owned, office professional staffing agency in Oklahoma City. We specialize in office professional staffing and have a continually growing network of top companies, hiring managers, and local talent.

Let us help you find your next perfect hire

The Employer

We understand managers and business owners have busy days with full schedules, leaving minimal time and energy to locate the best talent for your team. Let us help you find your next perfect hire.

let fuse help you from interview to hire

The Candidate

We know job seekers can become overwhelmed in the search to find the perfect professional position. We are ready to help you every step of the way, from application to interview to hire.

fuse3 will find the right applicant for you, so you can focus on your business

The Staffing Firm

Fuse3 Solutions offers professional staffing and job placement services in the greater Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. Whether you are looking to hire or apply for your next position, we are here for you!

What Sets Us Apart?

We are locally and privately owned.

As Oklahoma natives, we are personally invested in the growth of our city, as well as the companies and candidates we serve. Instead of answering to out-of-state and out-of-touch investors and board members, our team answers to our customers. Additionally, money spent with us goes back into the local economy.


We know the OKC market.

We are confident that we know our area’s talent, companies, and industries better than anyone. Having the largest pool of top companies and talented candidates enables us to give everyone who works with us the best options. Keeping our focus on one, defined market enables us to be extremely effective, and mutual success is always our goal.


We treat our clients like family.

Our reputation is extremely important to us, and as part of our continued OKC reputation for excellence, we treat every candidate and company like family. Having a great team is crucial to any company’s success, and having a satisfying career is an integral part of a person’s life. By making the best match between each candidate and client, we help everyone achieve success.

What Our Clients Say

Matching Local Talent with Opportunity

Our streamlined process makes it easy to work with us:

We meet with the job seeker or employer to discuss their unique needs. There are many factors to consider when hiring or applying for job opportunities. We will review skills, qualifications, goals, and company culture with you when we begin working together.

We find the perfect job or candidate. The job-seeking and hiring processes are time-consuming. Our team’s time is spent focusing on all the details to find the right candidates for the right opportunities - so you don’t waste any time.

We work together until we find the perfect match. Adults spend approximately one-third of our time at work. We believe that time should be spent in a career and company that you enjoy, which is why we focus on carefully matching employers and candidates.

Saving You Time and Stress

Whether you are a candidate or an employer, our services are beneficial in your search.

We will work with candidates every step of the way to learn about your skills and goals

Candidates, we know how overwhelming the job search process can be, and we have your best interest in mind. We will work with you every step of the way to learn about your skills and goals to help you find your next perfect career opportunity.

our staffing agency will screen applicants before presenting you with the best candidates to join your team

Employers, we know how time-consuming the hiring process can be, and we know that time is your most valuable resource. We will work on your behalf to screen applicants before presenting you with the best candidates to join your team.

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