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The Downfalls and Trends of Fully Remote Work

In recent weeks, I have been reading and watching more and more articles about the disadvantages of working fully remote (for companies and employees). And I am increasingly observing and reading about companies returning to the office. One such article discusses Disney and others returning to the office:   For those of you considering fully

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Fuse3-Blog-Image-august-Changing Lives is What it’s All About

Changing Lives is What it’s All About

We love positive feedback! It’s nice knowing that we did a good job and changed a life. Here is some recent feedback from one of our happy customers: I’m sure you might have heard, but I was offered a permanent position here! I wanted to thank you again for working so hard to find me a

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fuse3 may blog Oklahoma City’s Labor Market, a Mirror Image of the Housing Market

Oklahoma City’s Labor Market, a Mirror Image of the Housing Market

“High demand, low supply, and inflated prices” – a culmination of words that most Catch Phrase contestants would use to garner the answer “Housing Market” from their team. However, these words have quickly become common in describing the current labor market in Oklahoma City. Over the past year we have witnessed a slew of new

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fuse3 blog COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Our hearts go out to those who have been affected by COVID-19 and/or the crisis it has caused.  This has been a very challenging time that is testing us all.  Every great generation has been measured by its ability to overcome adversity.  It has been encouraging seeing this generation of Americans come together and step up to battle

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Fuse3 blog New Year New Job

New Year…New Job?

If you’ve been thinking about a career change, NOW is the best time to start putting your thoughts into action before the situation becomes a crisis. Waiting too long to find a new job can cause serious stress, depression, relationship problems, and pent-up anger–as well as prolong a miserable work situation. You may find yourself

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fuse3 blog The Real Costs of Turnover and Hiring

The Real Costs of Turnover and Hiring

Let’s face it: The reason many businesses don’t use a staffing firm for recruiting and hiring is that they think the costs are too high. It is also likely that they are not familiar with all of their options in terms of money spent working with a staffing agency. However, when viewed from the actual

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fuse3 blog Frequently Asked Questions From Candidates

Frequently Asked Questions From Candidates

Starting the job search can be daunting, and when you add all of the information floating around on the internet to the mix, it can quickly become overwhelming. At Fuse3, we work hard to help take the stress out of finding the right position for your skills.  Working with a recruiter can be confusing at

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fuse3 blog Resume Writing Tips: Leverage Your Experience

Resume Writing Tips: Leverage Your Experience

Resume writing is an art form. There needs to be style, flow, and aesthetic appeal to make it stand out from every other competing piece of paper in that potential hire stack. Equally as important as standing out from the crowd is standing out in the right way. Be professional. Never try to be cute or sarcastic.

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fuse3 blog How to win your interview

How to win your interview!

At Fuse 3, we give our best efforts to help you get an interview with a company or companies you would like to work for.  After we successfully match your skills and qualifications with a prospective employer’s job requirements…then comes the interview! While we can’t go in the room with you, we can share some

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