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Frequently Asked Questions From Candidates

Starting the job search can be daunting, and when you add all of the information floating around on the internet to the mix, it can quickly become overwhelming. At Fuse3, we work hard to help take the stress out of finding the right position for your skills. 

Working with a recruiter can be confusing at times, so we wanted to address some of the frequently asked questions our recruiters run into. We pride ourselves on transparency and hope that the answers below can shed some light on your next job search!

1. I was wondering, would I be qualified for this position? If not, what can I do to better prepare myself?

First, ensure you have an updated resume with correct formatting and experience listed. Next, make sure to include specific references to the job description on your resume. It is okay to review and edit your resume so it is relevant to each position you’re applying for.

2. Currently, oil & gas is flat – how do you see this affecting my job search?

The oil & gas market is always fluctuating, but we are still seeing a lot of activity in the oil & gas marketing as well as a variety of other industries. Don’t forget that while companies may not be expanding currently, people are always moving, changing careers and/or leaving industries – that leaves jobs on the table that have to be filled!

3. How long with it take you to find me a job?

That’s the million-dollar question. There are so many factors that play into the process and everyone’s situation is unique. It is hard to set an exact timeline, but that’s why follow up from the candidate and recruiter is so crucial to the process.

4. Why should I use a recruiter and not just apply on my own?

  • Many companies don’t want to mess with the hiring process and don’t bother with posting their jobs online. Instead, they use us. By working with a Fuse3 Solutions recruiter, you have access to many jobs that you wouldn’t have access to by conducting your own job search online and by working with other agencies. You also have access to many of the jobs that are posted online.
  • If you are applying on your own, you tend to be one of many in a pool of applicants. Your resume may or may not get looked at. Our clients trust that the candidates we send them are highly qualified, ensuring they view the resumes we send them. If we determine that you are a fit for a position we ensure that your resume is received by the proper hiring authority(ies).
  • We serve as your personal career coach and consultant. We know what industries are good/bad, what companies are good/bad, what career path has/hasn’t worked for others, and what your true marketing value is so you aren’t sold short. We can help you with your resume and help prepare you for your interview by providing insight to different hiring managers’ personalities, questions they typically ask, what the corporate culture is like, etc.

5. Do I have to pay for your services?

Our services are free to the candidate. We have negotiated contracts with our clients to help find them top talent.

6. I see this job on your website, why am I not qualified for that?

Our clients are paying us to find them a specific set of skills. If you are a current candidate and we have posted a new position, it is likely that we have already considered you for that role, but you do not meet their specific needs for this position. However, it never hurts to call and check with your recruiter.

7. Are you just a temp agency?

No. We work with clients on several types of positions across Financing/Accounting, Information Technology, and Administrative/Clerical to fill their needs whether it’s contract, contract to hire, or direct hire.

8. If I am not selected for the position, will I hear from you again?

Absolutely, yes! We make it a priority to build a relationship with our candidates and keep an open line of communication. Even if this specific position doesn’t work out, there will be another one that you are perfect for!

9. What happens once you submit my resume?

Typically, each client is different in the way they review candidate profiles. Some clients we receive feedback immediately, others it can take a little longer, depending on the size of the team and who is involved in the process. Our goal is to always provide prompt and thorough feedback throughout the process.

10. Why do I have to come in for an interview?

It is the expectation of our clients to meet all candidates face-to-face. We are committed to helping both of you find the right long-term culture fit. It’s an important part of the interview process because it allows us to dig into your experience, discuss interview tips/tricks, and understand how we can be a good resource for your and our clients.

11. I’m already working with other agencies, why would I work with Fuse3 as well?

Unlike our competitors, Fuse3 Solutions’ is locally-owned and operated. We have many clients who choose to only staff their positions through us because it keeps their money local, and we answer to them vs out-of-state and out-of-touch corporate executives and investors. Our clients appreciate our local, personal approach, and you will too!

As you can tell, working with recruiters is a process, one that pays off in the long run by ensuring you have a quality job with a culture that fits your values. The job search can be a difficult road, but we are here to make it that much easier.

Do you have questions not covered here? Leave us your questions in the comments and we will be happy to answer!

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