fuse3 blog The Best Time To Find A New Job Is When You Are Happy with the One You Have

The Best Time To Find A New Job…Is When You Are Happy with the One You Have!

Yes, you read that right!  The obvious reason for keeping an eye on the job market is because you don’t want to be frantically looking for a job when you are unemployed.  In addition to the stress, your desperation comes across in your search, and you may be tempted to take “a lesser job than you really want” just to relieve the financial pressure.

However, with the improvement in the job market has come another big change: Attitudes of the X Generation and Millenials toward switching employers. What used to be called “job-hopping” and had a negative connotation is no longer an issue. A comprehensive survey conducted by Monster in 2015 showed that 60% of workers (25-44 years of age) who responded have been at their job for six years or less.

Many of those surveyed were hunting for jobs. Some 43% were more likely to consider a new job opportunity than they were just a year ago. And, although 71% of those surveyed were happy with their current job, 73% were thinking about another job. 60% of respondents with a resume had updated it in the past three months.

Not only do 25-44 year olds change jobs more frequently, they are finding job opportunities in different places than those in previous generations:

  • 76% are likely to update their social media profiles when searching for a new job
  • 69% are networking on social sites for potential employment
  • 68% are reviewing job listings on social media and professional recruiting sites

Even though you may not be ready to find a new job, you can start preparing for that transition now. Even if you are happy at your current position, it is wise to be prepared. The one thing we can count on is “change”. Here are some tips to keep you ready to jump back into the job search at a moment’s notice:

Update your resume: Don’t assume that the most recent version of your resume is “just fine.”  Resumes need regular review. Adding qualifications and accomplishments to your resume as they happen is one of the best things you can do to make the updating process as easy as possible. 

Clean up your social media: The first thing a potential manager is going to do when they see a resume that they have a moderate interest in is go online and see the candidate’s social media. As such, it is critical to remove (or set to private) any questionable posts, pictures or videos prior to a job search. Generally, it is good to practice this at all times.

Continually expand your professional development, education, and overall knowledge base.  You never know when the perfect job will require a certain certification or when a particular certification will set you apart from other applicants. 

Find a recruiter you trust and get on their radar.  Many top companies only utilize agencies to fill their human resource needs.  And it’s good to be on a recruiter’s radar for a job that you just might happen to miss if you’re searching on your own.  Your recruiter may not have your dream job immediately available, but at some point, that perfect job will come across their desk.  Fuse3 Solutions’ professional recruiters primarily find the best candidates from the currently employed, not those waiting until they absolutely have to have new employment.  Sometimes this process takes a matter of days but sometimes it can take months or years. It’s best to start now!

In other words, be proactively engaged in preparing for the opportunities that will lead to a better quality of life, greater job satisfaction and the realization of your dreams.

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“Good things come to those who wait, but only what’s left from those who hustle.” Abe Lincoln

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