About Us

Fuse3 Solutions was founded in 2013 by Ryan Albee and Adam Giddens. Both were born and raised in Oklahoma and currently reside in the Oklahoma City metro.


Since we are privately owned, we are able to take a different approach to staffing. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t have shareholders or private equity investors to answer to. Instead, we answer to our clients (companies) and our candidates (applicants) and focus on doing what is in their best interest.


Since we are locally owned, we naturally have a vested interest in the clients and candidates that we work with. Our company, ownership and employees all reside in Oklahoma.  We are your neighbors; we are part of the OKC family.

Money spent stays local

We are more concerned about exceeding expectations and building long-term relationships than we are about money, but know that money spent with Fuse3 Solutions stays local.

We help OKC succeed

We take pride in helping our Oklahoma City family succeed (clients and candidates alike). Human resources are the most integral part of any company’s success and career is an integral part of a person’s life. By making the best match between client and candidate, we are able to help both experience success.

Reputation is everything

Our reputation resides in the Oklahoma City market and surrounding areas. As such, it is imperative that we treat every candidate and every company as we would treat family, because reputation is everything. In our eyes, the candidates and companies we work with are part of our “OKC” family

We know the OKC market

Being focused on one, defined market enables us to be more effective. We know the OKC market (talent, companies, and industries) better than anyone. Having the largest pool of reputable companies and the largest pool of local talent gives our clients and our candidates an abundant number of options to choose from- options that lead to a “best fit” solution for both the company and the candidate, leading to mutual success. 

Fuse3 Solutions prides itself on presenting only qualified candidates and the most qualified candidates. We understand that company owners’ and managers’ time is limited and valuable. We won’t send you the most resumes, but we will send the most qualified resumes. And we recognize that there’s more than just qualifications that matter: culture fit and career goals also play an integral role in making a great placement. We will listen to your needs and only send resumes for candidates who qualify for the job, are a good culture fit, and have ambitions and objectives that align with your company’s goals. We assure you we won’t waste your time.

Our professional career consultants pride themselves on treating you and your job search as they would want to be treated.


This includes:

  • Acting in your best interest
  • Thorough review and listening closely to your qualifications, needs, and short term and long term career goals and only presenting options that meet your objectives
  • You will always know where your resume is going.  We will talk with you about each and every position and company before sending your resume.
  • Being honest with you and providing timely feedback
  • Utilizing our vast amount of experience and our vast network to steer you towards your next best move

We do all of this at no cost to the applicant/candidate.